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This image is a handcrafted piece of jewelry. Comprised of Moss Agate & Sterling Silver. This Freefrom Moss Agate Cab cultivated a beautiful scenery looking up at the partly cloudy sky from the tree covered forest with a snake peacefully relaxing high up in one of the tree branches. With that imagery in mind, I followed along with the leaf like free form shape of the cab for the backplate, hammering a shell like pattern adding texture. I felt a simple bezel setting to be most suiting for this piece as it does not to take away from the centerpiece but adds depth  that creates a window drawing onlookers into the piece. This particular cut of Moss Agate captures an illuminating glow due to its translucency, making a perfect fit for a semi exposed backing. I finished the piece by stringing the pendant on a snake chain to resemble the docile snake I envisioned.

Embrace the moment, Cherish the memories

Where we believe that every piece of jewelry should tell a story


This image is a portrait of Cyrus the owner and operator of Iren Works


Iren Works was born out of a passion for metalwork and jewelry design. In 2019, Cyrus, the owner, started taking blacksmithing classes at a local nature center and fell in love with the craft. He soon began creating jewelry as a new hobby and with the pandemic in 2020, decided to take his metalsmithing and jewelry design to a professional level.


This image displays examples of wire wrapped rings that a previous private work shop of guests created

Private Workshops

We offer a variety of creations for our private workshops. Whether you're looking for a unique bridal shower activity or just an afternoon of creative flow Iren Works is here to make those special occasions even more memorable.

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This image is of a handcrafted piece of jewelry. Comprised of White Lace Agate & Sterling Silver. This specialty trapezoid cut cab offers many special features from a complex textured pattern to a stunning translucency allowing for light to easily shine through. These features inspired me to pair this pendant with a flashy cable chain. A bezel setting seemed appropriate as it would complement the stones translucency creating a window to another world.

Custom Designs

Struggling to find the perfect piece? Look no further, here at Iren Works we carefully work one on one with each of our clients to bring your vision to life through quality craftsmanship, you can be assured will last generations.

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